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What is TATU?

TATU is a Finnish organization supporting families affected by their child’s sudden accident; such as a traffic accident or a medical negligence case. The mission of TATU is to support children/young people and their families to re-establish ownership of their suddenly changed lives and to improve the services provided for them by society. TATU was founded in 2001.

What does TATU do?

CREATING AWARENESS. TATU strives to improve the quality of life of the families it is working with by targeting the challenges the families are facing. TATU, in co-operation with other disability organizations, promotes and influences policy-making regarding the services provided for the target group.

SUPPORT AND GUIDANCE. TATU offers children and families guidance and support after their lives have been suddenly changed. In addition to face-to-face support, TATU has created two online resources for families to find information and support: www.palvelupolkumalli.fi (in Finnish)and www.tartutulevaisuuteen.fi (in Finnish).

PEER SUPPORT. Many families find it helpful to meet and share experiences with others who have been through similar situations. TATU organises different types of peer support meetings. Some of these are for the whole family, while others are for the injured child or young person. There are also meetings just for parents or for siblings. Meetings take place both face-to-face and online. TATU helps a family or a young person to find a trained peer support volunteer with whom they can share experiences. TATU organises training and guidance for these peer support volunteers.

More recently, TATU has been developing and organizing peer support for children and their families who have been affected by narcolepsy following Pandemrix vaccination.

REHABILITATION COURSES FOR FAMILIES. TATU organises rehabilitation courses for families, teenagers and young adults. In the courses, participants get peer support from others in a similar situation, information from different professionals and new ideas for coping with everyday life challenges. Courses are funded by insurance companies.

Contact information:

Kirsi Rönkä, executive manager




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